We have received a few comments and queries from customers having problems signing up to the hugely popular DoomMeister Trading Lounge.


I have been emailing their admin and trying to find the best solution to proved the easiest and clearest instructions on how to sign up through the host’s German language site.

Today they came up with the perfect solution and I’m very grateful to them for it.

Best way to do this is to click this link to get to the sign up page:


Then in another Tab/Window open this link


They have very kindly shown you step by step how to sign up, where to click, where to enter your info etc all in perfectly clear English. It also has links in it to show you where to go to access the info once you have signed up through the first link above.

Once you are in and settled it really is very easy service to understand and as I have said before, Doom himself is English and only ever posts in English .

Hope that helps anyone having problems,