This is a new service that has been in pre-launch testing for the last 60 days and is something a little different from the usual tipsters and systems we see. It went into Live Member service this weekend.

I’ve been able to watch its performance for the last month, I got actively involved this weekend, and must say that I’m very impressed indeed so far.

What we have is a Live Trading Room to log into. Once in you can see a forum where the trader “DoomMeister” writes up all the football trades he’s planning to get involved with and there’s a Live Chat ticker type screen where you can converse with Doom and other members in real time. This is where he gives out his Horse Racing trades and can also give extra advice about the ongoing football matches. Although this is an Austrian based forum and despite the Meister part of the name, DoomMeister is English and posts  his advice in English so we have no translation problems here.

This service is aimed at, and will mainly be of use to, customers that have at least a reasonable grasp of trading and have their own strategies that they like to follow. I wouldn’t really recommend this to new traders or those that would not have the time to trade during real time football matches.

I have seen some remarkably good advice and trading targets being given out but it’s impossible for me to accurately give any real time profit loss figures as everybody will be different dependent on how they have played the trade themselves. It’s best that I give you an example from yesterday:


First of all a few decent Stats;

Nine of Reading’s goals this season have come from substitutes, a league-high.

  • Reading have won eight points thanks to goals scored after the 80th minute this season. Only league leaders Manchester United (9) have won more.
  • Tottenham Hotspur (8) are the only side to drop more points thanks to goals conceded after the 80th minute than Everton (7).

Now I don’t yet KNOW which Players are sitting on the bench but this is what I suggest you do – As soon as a READING PLAYER comes on from the bench BACK HIM TO SCORE THE LAST GOAL. You’re certain of getting a Price of 8.00 plus and it’s well worth taking the risk given the information above.

Score-wise the Form from the EVERTON H2H Results are contradictory to the current Form Results. The three previous Meetings were 0-1,1-0,1-1 but current Form suggests that this should be 1-2,2-1,3-1

You may also need to Back 2-2 In-Running should EITHER SIDE be 1-2,2-1 inside of the Second Half of the game. 0-1 is also worth a small Back due to a possible ‘Bounce’ Result coming in and of course, the Price!!

BACK 0-1,1-2,2-1,3-1 @ 30.00, 28.00,9.20,13.00 – Have an extra Half a Point on the 2-1,3-1 Results. You could also include 2-2 @ 22.00 or consider Backing at a lower Price In-Running.


As you can see, this was a particularly good game for him. He got the Correct Score and there’s the advice to Back a Reading Sub to be Last Goalscorer. But as you can also see, these lots of different ways you could go about trading all this advice during the game. That’s why it’s impossible for me to give you a profit/loss you can expect from the service and also why I say it’s for traders that are happy that they understand trading and are just looking for decent targets to trade on.

Obviously, he doesn’t get it right every time. This was the advice for Chelsea v W Brom

BACK 2-0 HT @ 8.00

BACK 2-0,2-1,2-2,3-1 @ 9.20,9.40,21.00,12.50




AND/OR S.LONG 1-2,2-1 @ 150.00,155.00 (WILLIAM HILL BEST PRICE)

And simply TRADE them BOTH. You could even split your Stakes in this one and go FIRST AND LAST with those Scores to possibly score a ‘Double’ Result. The best of luck with this one!!

That didn’t go so well but again you can see the many different ways you could use the information given and that there would be possibilities for cutting down the potential loss during the game if you felt it was going wrong.

Doom also gives out horses to trade as the day progresses. Again, this would be for traders with experience. He gives out the name of the horse, the price available on Betfair (accurately) and often says if he’s going to do Win Only or Win & Place. It is then up to the individual trader how he/she plays it. You could favour Dobbing, and look to trade out at half the price, or lay it off in stages hoping it goes as low as possible so you can lay larger amounts at the lowest price possible. It really is your call. There have been some very decent priced winners and some very big priced horses have traded in running at prices low enough to give you ample trading profit. I’m looking forward to seeing how he gets on at Cheltenham!

The Live Chat ticker part is very useful and it’s both fun and informative to swap notes with other members. It is also extremely fast and furious trading with the horses. But all that I have seen has been on an upward trajectory, of course there will be losing days when things go wrong and there’s no sensible way to cut the loss without taking daft risks.

Whilst in the trading room yesterday an existing member identified himself as a reader of this site and he said he was extremely happy with his experience during the pre launch trial and had signed up for membership. That’s a good sign as he’d obviously been making money enough to want to pay to continue his membership.

I would usually be a little wary of recommending a service that gives no advice regarding Bank/Staking or exact instructions that every member can follow, regardless of ability, to all achieve roughly the same level of profit or loss but it is made clear that the service is aimed at a certain kind of customer and having seen for myself what he’s capable of achieving I am quite keen on it.

I’m in a bit of a dilemma here as to how to categorise this. There is very little point in me doing our usual type of running blog test as it is so entirely dependent on the individual. With exactly the same advised bets, one person could make a mess of it and lose all stakes and another could move and hedge their position and clean up. I am also aware that we only have a couple of months of the season left for the major European leagues and we have the Cheltenham Festival upon us. So this is probably going to be the best time to be a member.

On the other hand we have the fact that it’s a new service with little history to go on and the factors mentioned above about it being very much in the individual’s own hands how he/she manages their bank/stakes/trades.

So what I have decided to do is to just say how I would proceed if my current membership had expired today. Having seen the last 60 days pre launch testing and all the messages posted by real people trying it out, having enjoyed using the Live Chat and seeing how people help each other out and chat about the sport and given how many trades have been extremely successful and profitable, I would now be prepared to pay up and join for the next month with my own money. Another distinct positive is that I think it’s extraordinary good value for money as monthly subs are Eur 36, which is roughly £30.

I’m going to file it under APPROVED as I really am quite keen on it, obviously if things take a major downturn performance wise I will have no hesitation in changing that but for the reasons given above I do think it worthwhile joining for at least one month just to see if it suits you as well as it has me.

Just bear in mind that it really is only for those with a grasp of how trading works (don’t need to be an expert though) and you do have to have time available to trade the games as the are played live. Keep stakes very low, or even paper trade while you get to grips with it.

You can try DoomMeister here: