I wanted to give you a reminder, or inform new readers, about DoomMeister’s Trading Lounge

This one garnered more positive comments and praise from readers than most of the other services put together.

Rather annoyingly, real life is getting in the way of me being able to use this too often but I do regularly check in there to make sure everything is running as before and I’m delighted to say that it is. Doom really is extremely good at what he does and makes extremely good money for members.

As stated in my original review of this, you do need to be available to trade live in-play during games and you do need to use your own trading strategies on the markets Doom advises. It’s not really targeted at brand new traders but you certainly don’t need to be an expert either, there’s plenty of friendly people if you need help.

If you understand trading and just want some advice on which market to trade then you really should give this at least a try. It’s based on a German Language website but all trading advice is given in English.

You can try DoomMeister here: