This service has been put on hold while the owner is having some health issues.

They got off to a reasonably good start, but a run of losses brought about a change.

From just a straight Double bet, they changed to most days being two singles and an Each Way double.

They then added a few days of more exotic bets. like Lucky 15, Trixy, Patents, etc.

They landed a monster of a Patent bet and won around 220 points in the one day.

Not long after that the selections stopped coming and I was informed the service was on hold.

I was slightly surprised to see this service being recommended in an email from one of the other betting information sites. Please be wary of signing up to this one as it stands, the email I received made much of the big winning day but failed to mention it was on hiatus, nor did they mention that there were very few winning days other than that biggie.

We’ll give our verdict once the service resumes