Concluding three month review

This soccer service is from the Betfan stable. It is a lay the draw service, the name referring to the bookie way of doing this for those who don’t have access to the exchanges. Hence, rather than laying the draw you bet with a bookie on the double chance of home and away team. As mentioned on the website, the odds you get with the bookie won’t be as good as laying the draw. You bet to liability on exchanges, so stakes are the same (5pts) using both avenues.

Tips are emailed in good time and are available in the members’ area on the website. A 300 point bank is recommended (I thought this was high, that means the bank has to lose net 60 bets which for laying is a lot).

So – how did this perform? Well, unfortunately, this never got out of losing territory in the three months tested, other than a very brief window. There were only 53 selections during the trial, mostly for matches in English lower leagues, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Austria and Belarus.

The headline figures
Selections    53
Winners    35
Losers    18
Average odds    1.55
ROI -12.74%
Loss -33.77 points


There’s not really a lot more to say about this. The service has been going for a while, and the results on the website for the period 1st December to 29th December 2013 are +£1,294.70 to £100 stakes. Of course that’s only 13 points profit and if I had been using the same stakes during the trial, I would be an eye-watering £3,377 down! As with all Betfan services, results are available for any and all periods.

Inevitably for the three month trial, I have placed this in the FAILED category.

The cost of joining is £45 +VAT for every four weeks, but there is a current trial offer of £2 +VAT for the first 14 days.Failed

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