This service is an offering from Steve Davidson.

The video above explains the service, but in short, you put the runners and their odds into an Excel  spreadsheet, Excel then calculates the stake, and these are then bet. Both odds and bets use Betfair, so I’ll record results with 2% commission.

There is an option for UK and Irish races to select 1 to 2 meetings and load these up using different tabs and recording the results later in the day. As you’ll be at your computer afternoons and most evenings unless you use this option, I am going to arbitrarily select 2 races per day as this helps those folks who are working during the racing. My intention is 1 jumps and 1 all-weather, otherwise the meeting starting first and the meeting starting latest. As you want to the profits to accumulate to get the best return, I’ll run each Excel tab to “round” 7, i.e. for 7 races.

The manual, and especially the videos, are really helpful. I recommend that you watch the videos if you buy this product.

The spreadsheet has a one-off cost of £34.97, or £89.94 if bundled with Easy Bet Bot. You don’t need Easy Bet Bot if you are already using a betting bot (Gruss, Bet Angel, Geeks Toy, I think you could use TheBetEngine with a little more effort, and the like). I’ll be reviewing Easy Bet Bot in a few days time and I am going to use Easy Bet Bot for this review.

You do need Excel, but you can get copies of older versions on online markets (eBay, Amazon, etc) for under £20. However, an online option is also available that doesn’t need Excel.

The spreadsheet can also be used for football correct score dutching. As each workbook allows up to 8 matches to be followed, again I’ll arbitrarily select 8 matches using major European leagues (EPL, Championship, Germany, Spain and Italy). I will use “cups” matches too (Champions League, FA Cup etc). There’ll be no science behind which matches are selected. You can run multiple copies of the workbook, so you could run a copy for each league, but I won’t be doing that for this review.

You can get Double Dutch here.