Another week with a profit right at the end of the betting week …. ending as we have done, 1 point ahead.

27th April : £+50 / £+49.50

28th April :

29th April : £-50 / £-50

30th April : £-50

2nd May : £+51 / £-50

3rd May : £+50 / £50

Week : £+50.50

Closing Balance: £1,377.50 (start bank : £1,000)

Staking £50 / Profit : 7.55 pts

ROI : 5%

Win /Lose tally since start of review : 74 WINNING / 68 LOSING

This service aims to profit through betting on football matches playing selections in mutiples, mostly doubles (no surprises there!) , but also the occasional triple bet too. You can either chose the selections yourself provided you keep to using the leagues suggested in the manual or you can also subscribe to the emailed selections each week.

Personally, I think the suggested staking level of 10% bank is too high and early on in this review luck was not on our side and with a run of losing bets – the proprietor suggested we double up our stakes, (this lost) and then an unprecedented ‘quadruple’ stake was suggested….(which fortunately won).. This level of recovery staking was not something mentioned in the DFD manual and I couldnt help thinking a knee-jerk reaction to the mounting losses which could potentially have ended in disaster… for this reason I had figured 5% bank staking more appropriate.

I was hoping that the emailed selections would achieve a far higher strike rate than witnessed. As you can see the win/lose tally is very close. The selections did make a profit, but only a little over 7.5 points. We would also have to factor into this 4 months worth of emailed selections at £19.99 each month too. Perhaps the service will return to better winning ways similar to Francis’ claimed results from last year that netted him thousands (no proof of previous results available).

Initially, I did award this a Neutral rating however, I have to remind myself that this method is supposed to be an alternative to stocks and shares and other forms of investment which yield on average around 10% ROI.  At £4.99 for the strategy its not going to break the bank (monthly emailed selections are extra). So if considered from this perspective, this strategy as a long term investment program could yield reasonable profits. Personally, I think the low strike rate may put some people off weighing up the effort required in placing the bets each day…. on the other hand some may also like the low risk opportunities this method provides for longer term proftability. So on this basis Doubling for Dummies should be considered, Approved.

You can try Doubling For Dummies here:Approved2