Draw Doubles

This service began as a free trial for everybody on Jan 3rd and has now moved into paid service. Before the free trial, the service had made 109 points in 3 months and comes with the usual excellence in delivery from John Baker, well known to us at Cash Master. Great service alone is obviously not enough, we need profit to recommend any service. Results since the trial began haven’t reflected the pre-trial promise, but as we have faith in John from his other long-standing services, we felt it would be expedient to extend the Cash Master review, and so this is an update of that position. I updated this just over a month ago, and no great strides had been made. However, June has been a different matter entirely, with over 57 points profit accrued over singles and doubles combined. And after 5 months since the review began, we are only +9.55 points on the singles and a tad under 18 points down on the doubles, and certainly not yet in the realm of a recommended service, but I am giving it until the end of the World Cup, by which time we should have a clearer view of its potential.

Brought to you by the man who has two Cash Master recommended services to his name, Banker Bets and Value Picks, Draw Doubles is offering you a free trial right up until February 14th (paid service begins February 15th).

Draw Doubles utilises a highly sophisticated, software-based selection algorithm to identify the highest value opportunities to back the draw in football matches from leagues around the world.

Selections can be bet profitably as singles or divided into sets of 3 with bets placed as doubles to maximise the profitability of random clusters of winning bets.

Beginning on October 14th, 2017, Draw Doubles has now provided combined profit of 109.42 points betting the selections as singles and doubles from a 200 point starting bank with an ROI of 17.04 per cent!

To take join the service, sign up here. Once you are signed in, you can download the results so far for a taste of what to expect.