This service began as a free trial for everybody on Jan 3rd and  subsequently moved into paid service. Before the free trial, the service had made 109 points in 3 months and comes with the usual excellence in delivery from John Baker, well known to us at Cash Master. Great service alone is obviously not enough, we need profit to recommend any service. Results since the trial began didn’t reflect the pre-trial promise, but as we have faith in John from his other long-standing services, we felt it would be expedient to extend the Cash Master review up to the end of the World Cup.

So the selected matches came in clusters of three. Subscribers were advised to back the draws for these games as singles, and as doubles, so six bets. Although the doubles performed well from the pre-trial time, it became clear that this wasn’t being maintained in the longer term. John put out a vote to the subscribers and the decision was to drop the doubles in early July. I recorded a loss of 46 points in that time on the doubles from 624 bets.

So what about the singles? I recorded a profit of 5 points after 653 bets which obviously wouldn’t have made this service viable either. It did suffer one particularly bad month. Average price was around 3.3. Of 653 matches, 257 were home wins, 199 were draws, 176 were away wins, 15 were neutral non-draws (World Cup) and 6 postponed.

So that’s a lot of bets to get nowhere, and I have to fail this trial.

However, it’s not all bad news. If there was no future in this, John is not the sort of guy to continue with it. He has an enthusiastic and loyal following. I can tell you, most of those guys don’t take the fair average prices quoted when the bets are put out, they shop around and do much better. This, of course, makes a significant difference to the results, which is why they stay. And if you look at the longer term, before the trial began, things look rosier. Since October 14th 2017 it has made 37.86 points with a ROI of 3.81%. Combine that with the better odds which can be had as well as the fact that the service doesn’t have the shackles of having to bet in clusters of three and with John’s excellent reputation, we have decided to begin a fresh review of the service which is now called Draw Profits, and which my esteemed colleague blogger Arthur will be taking up.