I have been following Draw Profits (not to be confused with Draw Master that Doug reviewed), a replacement for the withdrawn Draw Doubles. The service costs £27 monthly, £65 quarterly or £207 annually with an introductory first month offer of £6.95.

A 50 point starting bank is recommended with a 1 point level stake per bet, and in-line with standard CashMaster practice, I used £10 per point, so a starting bank of £500.

The process is simple… receive email & place the bet. The emails were received early morning, so there was plenty of time to get the bets on. It is advised to use Bookmakers and to shop around for the best price. However, I only recorded the advised and Betfair prices. This approach means that you may get different profits than me simply because you could get better prices. Betfair profits had 5% commission applied.

After 331 bets with 105 winners, we finished 10.46 points in profit, £104 at £10 per point. Subtract 3 months of standard subs and we are more or less even. Of course, you could use a higher £ per point. Betfair prices were higher, and using Betfair the service was 11.62 points up, or £116 at £10 per point.

A very simple service to operate, but at £10 per point it appears that this service won’t benefit or damage your portfolio and on that basis I am going neutral. However, £500 starting bank is low, and a £1,000 starting bank equates to £20 per point and a £100 (ish) profit after subscriptions; a 10% increase which is not too shabby at all, and better profits if you take advantage of the subscription discounts.

You can get Draw Profits here.