I am looking at Draw Profits (not to be confused with Draw Master that Doug is reviewing), a replacement for the withdrawn Draw Doubles that David will be commenting on shortly. The service costs £37 per month with discounts for longer subscriptions.

50 point starting bank is recommended with a 1 point level stake per bet, and in-line with standard CashMaster practice, I will use £10 per point, so a starting bank of £500.

The process is simple, receive email & place the bet. It is advised to use Bookmakers and to shop around for the best price. For recording purposes, I will use the average price quoted in the email and will look at the Betfair price as I open the email up. I do recognise that this approach means that you may get different profits than me simply because you could get better prices. Betfair profits will have 5% commission applied.

You can get Draw Profits here.