Two months in to this system, so time for a review.

With this system you are looking for a particular score across 7 teams. The system come supplied with some software to help you manage your stakes as the system operates progressive loss recovery. I have contacted the author to suggest some improvement in the calculator to make it more user-friendly, but it does the job.

So two things to note:

Only 7 teams, this is not going to generate 100s of bets in a short period. The trial has had only 46 bets.

Looking for a particular Correct Score, the hit rate will be low but the odds are high.

The trial has managed 2 wins, for a Strike rate of 4.17%. This is very low, and about half of the authors suggested hit rate (1 in 12). To be honest, this is probably some bad luck during the trail as my research suggests that the occurrence of the required score is more frequent than this.

The bank started at £1000 and now stands at £952.05. However, a couple of wins, which are way overdue, would soon rectify this.

It is hard to categorise this system at the moment. 46 bets is not a big enough sample from which to draw a conclusion. Normally I would pour scorn on a system with so few selections, but this system is designed to generate very few selections so I cant find fault there. So I am going to recommend that Graham categorises this as neutral for now. I will continue to monitor the performance of the system for the remainder of this season, but I will only provide monthly updates.

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29th March 2010

I have been running this system since 12 September because there are so few selection each week I wanted to give the system a fair chance. 7 months and 253 bets later I feel in a position to give a review of the system.

A very simple system to operate. You are looking for a specified result across teams specified by the systems author. Because you are looking for a particular result, long losing streaks were to be expected, and I wasnt disappointed in this respect. From time-to-time additional teams are added and subsequently subtracted from this list. But the system doesnt take much time to operate.

Bets take a few minutes to identify and can be placed any time in the days running up to kick-off, so there are no time constraints to worry about either.

The bank started at £1000 and ended at £971. Not a big loss, but not a good return for 7 months of system operation either. Granted, the footy season is still going, and a big result may be just around the corner, but that is true of any system we review on here, and we have to make a judgement at some point.

So, easy to use, good support, but poor results mean I will categorise this as NEUTRAL.