Drawing Profits Final Review

I have been running this system since 12 September because there are so few selection each week I wanted to give the system a fair chance. 7 months and 253 bets later I feel in a position to give a review of the system.

A very simple system to operate. You are looking for a specified result across teams specified by the systems author. Because you are looking for a particular result, long losing streaks were to be expected, and I wasnt disappointed in this respect. From time-to-time additional teams are added and subsequently subtracted from this list. But the system doesnt take much time to operate.

Bets take a few minutes to identify and can be placed any time in the days running up to kick-off, so there are no time constraints to worry about either.

The bank started at £1000 and ended at £971. Not a big loss, but not a good return for 7 months of system operation either. Granted, the footy season is still going, and a big result may be just around the corner, but that is true of any system we review on here, and we have to make a judgement at some point.

So, easy to use, good support, but poor results mean I will categorise this as NEUTRAL.

You can get Drawing Profits here: