Draw Master is a football backing system from the Betting Gods Tipping stable and as the name suggests is a tipping service for backing football draws.

The tips arrive via email in the evening between 8-10pm with the bookies and prices available and a 50 point bank is recommended. There are on average 70-90 tips a month and the service has been running since October 2017. To date Draw Master has produced a profit of some £60 per month based on £10 level stakes.

The cost if taking the 1 year option works out to £12.50 per month and there is a money back guarantee during the first 30 days if you decide the service is not for you. As the service utilises selections from leagues that are based all over the world, a steady stream of tips should continue throughout the year. This is not a get rich quick scheme but to date has produced a small but steady stream of income.

There is of course, as bookies are involved, a chance of having accounts “gubbed” but if the stakes are kept at a reasonable level and the fact that there are several bookies being used, should limit this event happening.

I started with a paper bank of £500 on 23 May and used £10 stakes.

Opening bank £500

Closing bank £226.65

So over the 12 weeks of the trial there was a loss of £273.85 and of course there would also be the monthly subscription charges to pay as well so this service has to go down as a FAIL

You can try Draw Master HERE