First, my apologies for not posting this earlier, I decided to take a break from the PC for a while.

Despite the trial of this service coming to an abrupt halt I stand by what I said in my introduction, to the effect that the site appears professional, easy to navigate and pleasant to use. To my mind that also underlines the importance of discounting first impressions and testing a service before making a commitment.

After my initial impressions I had a number of concerns and decided to wait and see what would happen, or leave them until this review. One of these I touched on during my intro: the results quoted on the site are to the “industry standard” of £100. Possibly that is realistic for backing, but for laying at odds of up to 17.00 (liability of £1,600) I don’t think that is at all realistic. Add to that the limited liquidity associated with higher priced lays and just a handful of subscribers laying at £100 a time, or substantially less, could quickly force out the prices.

I won’t touch on my other concerns as, ultimately, they are irrelevant, it is the results that count. Based on the information I have, the results on the site are accurate and it is probable therefore that the service has been profitable in the long term. It is also likely that, had I started the trial at another time, it would have carried on for the full three months. All that is conjecture, however. The results of the trial are what count here and the final bank stands at slightly over 10% of the starting bank. Most important of all, there is too little in the bank to follow selections except at the very lowest prices that fit the service criteria.

A few minutes ago, as I was putting the finishing touches to this review, I received an email from Dreamlays offering monthly subscriptions for £16.65, or £12.49 per month – rather than the usual £59. The results they quote go up to the end of August, but do not include September.

Based on my experience running this trial I have to recommend that this service is filed under Failed.

You can join Dreamlays here: