DreamLays is a subscription service providing horse racing lay selections at odds below 3.00. Subscriptions are £59 for one month, £139 for three months or £399 for 12 months.

The review ran from 1 May to 30 June inclusive and produced a profit of £38.90, or a fraction under 4 points at £10 per point, from a 50 point bank.  Selections are posted on the website members area by 11.30 am at the latest, so it is not suitable for anyone who cannot access the internet during the working day.  I was fortunate as I received the selections via email, but this appears to be a courtesy given me as a reviewer.  With one exception, which was caused by the server and there were no selections for that day, all selections were available well before the first race.

Results were recorded to BSP, so my results should be not only consistent with but identical to DreamLays and Racing Index.  There is, however, a small difference, but I attribute that to how the results are displayed on Betfair against what would have been achieved if live bets had been placed.  I have a minor concern with recording to BSP, because as lays are to liability rather than level stakes it would be very difficult to achieve lays of precisely £10 stake, as used in the trial.

There is also a bonus service with three different staking plans, but that fell over and if it had formed the main part of the trial I would have had to fail it

Under four points profit over two months is not brilliant, but it has to be taken in context and many services appear to be struggling at the moment.  I shall award this a Neutral rating, with the suggestion that it could be well worthwhile visiting the DreamLays site (or Racing Index) from time to time to see how the service is faring.

You can try DreamLays here: