John at Dubai Strategies is closing the doors to his method this Sunday 12th September.

In the last update on August 10th, the method had made another £4,300 in four weeks at £10 a pip.

Since then it’s made a further £4,500 using all three strategies averaging at over £1000 a week over the last couple of months.

All customers get access to the live trading room which has 25-30 members in daily.

It’s a great method and if you wish to try it out, risk free, then you only have until Sunday to do so.

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Final Review August 10th 2010

For the last 4 weeks I’ve been monitoring the progress of the updated Dubai Strategies system, the original version of which was given a “thumbs up” on the Cash Master blog a while ago. The revised ebook contains 2 new strategies and now includes a 30-day money back guarantee.

For the trial I decided to split a starting trading bank of £3000 between the 3 systems, allocating £1000 to each. The idea is that this spreads the risk between the 3 systems and helps smooth out results if any one strategy is having a a hard time. Over the course of the trial I was looking to achieve an overall profit on the £3000, not being too concerned if one of the strategies ended up slightly in the red.

As you can see from my previous posts, all 3 strategies resulted in an overall profit. Using the strict money mangement rules contained in the ebook, this resulted in an overall profit of £360.05 (a gain of 12% on the original bank). Just considering pips alone, the result was a gain of 430 pips, which would have netted a profit of £4300 in 4 weeks for those traders who use the “Cash Master standard” £10/pip stake.

In terms of the strategies themselves, 2 are “scalping” approaches on the GBP/USD pair, and the third is a “breakout” system on the EUR/USD pair. The best performing of the 3 was the “GBPUSD1″ scalping strategy which made an impressive overall gain of 21.4% on its £1000 starting bank using strict money management. This was in fact my favourite strategy of the three, although this is purely down to one’s individual tastes and preferences. Although the 3 approaches are referred to as “strategies” there is nothing woolly or half-baked about them. What you get here are three mechanical approaches to trading the markets without guesswork. I believe it’s important that any potential user must bear in mind is that this is not something that you can just pick up and use for 10 minutes each day. It needs to be treated as a proper business and it requires dedication and effort.

In conclusion Dubai Strategies gets a resounding thumbs-up from me. It’s a solid, no-hype approach to trading the forex markets which has the potential to produce some impressive gains over time. The sensible money management rules combined with the power of compounding means that even a small starting bank can soon grow into something more substantial. For the asking price you’re getting 3 proven systems to add to any trading arsenal.

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Original Review

Today we come to the end of the trial for Dubai Strategies. I volunteered to trial the system because the author was confident enough to offer the system up for testing. It was, originally, going to be tested for 4 weeks but I was that surprised/disappointed with the results, after seeing what it has achieved in the past with back testing, that I decided to give it another week. I suppose thats the nature of forex, or anything else, though. You just don’t know when the sunny days are going to arrive.

I pleased to say, however, that this is one system that does everything it says on the tin. Ive wasted so much time in the past testing totally useless systems, so this makes a very nice change. Ive communicated a lot with the author and he is obviously a trader that uses his own system, as opposed to the usual marketer that simply wants to sell systems. He seems very genuine and transparent. He also has a blog where he keeps an update of everything and buyers of the system also have access to his live trading room, which is handy to confirm trades.
I think the author was very unlucky with his choice of testing period as the results achieved are below the average. Ive back-tested these systems before trading with my own cash and was very confident with the performance. Even though the results in the test were below par, a combined profit of 72.5% in a five-week period (with little drawdown) is pretty good by anybodys standards and Ive managed to secure a decent profit.

There are two basic systems within Dubai Strategies; the first is a day-trading scalp system where the author aims for 4% profit per day and the other revolves around the open of the GBP/USD market in the morning and the open of the EUR/USD in the afternoon. Whilst the scalping system is the most profitable, I particularly like the morning and afternoon system for their simplicity and ease of use. Once the trade is triggered you can basically forget about it for the day. There is an option to monitor it and adjust the stop to break even at a certain point but I prefer to set it and forget it (most of the time). I might add that this system seems to work very well with other currency pairs also, so I’ll be doing a lot more testing in that area. I sure that incorporating this with other currency pairs would make it even more profitable and I think the author is looking into this area.
The downloaded manual is easy to understand with plenty of illustrations. There was just one problem I had but after emailing the author he was super quick in responding, which might also confirm that he was actually sat at his computer monitering the charts.

I would be the first to dismiss this sytem if it was no good because of all the time, effort and money Ive wasted over the years. Some of the sytems have come from established, reputable firms that should know better. I don’t know how they have the nerve to market such rubbish. However, I will be recommending that this particular system should be added to the approved systems list.

My only worry, if I was a buyer, would be that there is no guarantee offered. This might just be my acquired cynical nature. I can only presume that the author is worried about people buying the system and simply returning it for a refund. But I also suspect that the author is inexperienced in the area of marketing as the presence of a guarantee would invoke a lot more confidence. He is, after all, a genuine trader and not a marketer. Ive mentioned this to the author and well see if he changes the guarantee aspect of it.

If you are interested in forex I would highly recommend Dubai Strategies as an easy to operate and profitable system, particularly the morning and afternoon systems.

You can get Dubai Strategies here: