Day 9

GBP/USD  -3%         (+3%)
EUR/USD  -3%         (-1%)
Scalps      no trades (+20%)

I was reading the author’s blog out of curiosity and he’s made a very interesting proposition. To save me typing I’ll simply quote his blog:

‘As a reward to those of you who have purchased my Dubai Strategies e-book or TUFXP e-book, I am going to give you a chance to win back your investment in the e-book.  The rules? Simply write a short article on trading that you feel will benefit others. It can be based on anything you like; past experiences, mistakes, how you started out in trading, what you want to achieve from trading etc. At the end of this month I will pick a winning article and post it here on the blog and the winner will receive their cost back for purchasing the e-book. It’s a small way of saying thank you to those that have supported me and been kind enough to purchase my work and hopefully learnt something from it. To submit your article, all you need to do is send it to my email before the 31st January. Good luck and may the best article win!’

Seems like a pretty generous offer and it’s got to be worth a shot!