When Cash Master said they were going to be looking at a forex system I was immediately interested because I’ve been looking at different financial trading systems for the last 10 years or more. I was also intrigued when they said that the creator of the system had volunteered a copy of Dubai Strategies for Cash Master to test (as opposed to the other way round). He must be confident, I thought. Hence, one of the reasons I was interested. Surely he wasn’t going to send a system to be tested if it was rubbish.
I approached Cash Master and asked if they wanted anybody to test the system. They said they were looking for someone, so here we are!

I’ve been looking at Dubai Strategies for the past week or more. There are 3 systems involved. One is a day trading scalping method and the other two are very similar, trading the London opening in the morning and the New York opening in the afternoon. All systems are pretty easy to operate. I only had a minor problem with one but John Wheatland, the creator, was lightning fast with the reply to my query.

I’m going to forward test it on the blog starting the first week in January (Christmas is traditionally poor for trading). I’ve spent the last week back testing all three systems with some very encouraging results. I can also confirm the results on the Dubai Strategies site. With regard to the day-trading system, I back tested 100 trades and had 67 winning trades. So that’s 2 out 3 trades winning with a 10 pip target (3% of your bank) and a 10 pip stop, so again very encouraging.  It should be very interesting in January when we go live!