Dubai Strategies
"After hours and hours of painstaking research I have managed to create several simple and effective trading strategies that can help you attain the kind of financial freedom that you dream about...

If you're interested in never having to work again or never having to worry about paying your bills then read on.... "



"Starting With Just 500 Dubai Strategies Made 12,000 In Ten Months...

 That's a 2,300% Increase Without Compounding!"


 If you are looking for an extra 40% return on your capital each month then look no further, as the Dubai Strategies show you exactly how to make these gains. There are no mind blowing, complicated indicators to get to grips with, just pure price action.


Dear Friend,

My name is John Wheatland and I have been involved with one form of trading or another for over five years. With a proven track record, I believe I can offer you something that you would be extremely interested in. Recently I came across an excellent opportunity to make good financial returns from the Forex markets.

The Forex markets can be a vast sea of confusing jargon, techniques and unreliable methods. Even if you are a complete novice, I promise that you will benefit from Dubai Strategies. By concentrating on my specific methods, you will become a successful trader.

Don't become part of the 95% of losers who try their hand at trading.

Even if you are unaware of the massive potential the Forex markets hold, I will guide you step by step through setting up all the necessary charts using free charting software and giving you a full understanding of how the strategies work. Forex markets offer a real sense of freedom, enabling you to be your own boss and trading whenever suits you. You can choose from several methods that operate at different times of the day so even if you are in a full time job, there is something for you.

Through advanced money management, which is all explained in detail, you will never experience a margin call again.

No huge stop loss levels, no multiple entries, just smart money management.

All trades operate a very rewarding risk/reward ratio and no more than 3% of your account is at risk at any one time. My trading mentality has always been geared towards percentage growth of capital as this is what really counts, not the number of pips, which is the common parlance of Forex traders.

"The ebook from Dubai Strategies provides three Forex trading systems. It is well written and easy to understand and should you have any issues, the author is extremely helpful and replies promptly to emails. Ideal for beginners - don't hesitate to buy..! Lyndsey, UK"


If you, like me, struggled with mastering discipline when beginning in the Forex world then this guide will show you how to take away the temptation of pointless, meaningless trades and will guide you onto the correct, winning path. Entries are clear and precise and the greed factor is taken away by the mechanical process.

You will also have the benefit of a free live trading room where you can socialise, learn and master one of the toughest markets going.

You don't even need a lot of money to get started. All you need is a small amount of starting capital and these strategies, compounded over the coming months will help turn your nest egg into a pot of gold. A starting capital of just 500 increased substantially to over 12,000 BEFORE compounding during the course of 2009 with a month off in August. Are you ready to get started because I am?

You will receive the downloadable guide which will have you finally trading at a profit in no time at all. Plus you receive full e-mail support from me for as long as you need it and free access to my live trading room. All for a one off fee of 97.


I'm so confident you will be absolutely delighted with Dubai Strategies that I'm prepared to offer you a 100% no quibble 30 day money back guarantee. Try my method out, give it a proper go, and if you're not happy, for whatever reason, then simply e-mail me and I'll refund you in full. And this guarantee is backed up by Graham Laurie at Cash Master as he handles all the payments and has a rock solid reputation.


1. What does your 97 get you ?

It gets you the full e-book and full support and access to the live trading room where calls are made and general socialising and discussing of methods.

2. Are these methods profitable between 6am - 8am GMT ?

Yes 5-7 GMT is one of the main areas of interest.

3. Is there any demonstrable evidence of the profits made ?

If you access my blog you will see a live graph of my account growth via myfxbook which is the number one authority on showing if a trader is profitable.

4. Is TUFXP required ?

TUFXP is not required.

5. How many different currency pairs are traded ?

GBPUSD and EURUSD only. However research is under way on EURJPY.