This is the final review of my test for the Dutch and Win Racing Service.

Selections are provided to a “members” web page daily, before 12.30pm.

A six-page e-book is made available to get some examples, and provide a link to a dutching calculator. It is possible to bet selections to win a given amount, or to a stake. For the purpose of the test, I dutched the selections to a ten pound stake.

An amount for a bank is not suggested, and the only rules recommended are if either of the selections is a non runner, then no bet, and the same should either of the selections be below 6-4 (2.50).

I showed results for when the selections are first found, and again for two minutes before the advertised off time.

The test ran from 17th December 2009 to 21st February 2010. As I am sure that you will remember, during January and early part of February, the weather at times was truly awful. The final results were:

Profit to Early Prices:

Profit to Prices obtained at 2 to off:

Races selected: 114
Winning races: 48
Strike rate: 42.10%

Stakes Placed:

Return on Investment Early Prices:

Return on Investment Late Prices:

The e-book suggests staking to win an amount per race. To a £10 win per race, the results would have been as follows:

Loss at Early Prices:

Stakes Placed:

Loss at Prices 2 to off:

Stakes Placed:

The recommendation here is to not go with the win per race plan. However, when considering that the selections cost £39 per month to receive, then I feel that I can only give this service a neutral rating, unless your bank allows you to use larger stakes, meaning that a larger profit will be obtained.

The only other thing that I would have liked using this service, is a daily e-mail to advise when the selections has been posted, rather than the onus being on the customer having to check a web page to see if the selections had been posted.

You can join Dutch and Win racing here: