Hello everyone, I am running this test on the Dutch And Win Racing Service. Selections are provided to a “members” web page daily before 12.30pm.

A six-page e-book is made available to give some examples, and provide a link to a dutching calculator. It is possible to bet selections to win a given amount, or to a stake. For the purpose of the test, I am going to dutch the selections to a ten pound stake.

An amount for a bank is not suggested, and the only rules recommended are if either of the selections is a non-runner, then no bet, and the same should either of the selections be below 6-4 (2.50).

I will show results for when the selections are first found, and again for two minutes before the advertised off time.

There were selections for two races today:

Loss for Early Prices: -£1.18
Loss for 2′ Prices: -£0.90