The selection service turned up a selection today, with three runners identified in the 15:20 at Southwell.

However, before accepting the race for betting, you really need to determine the potential profit margin that the race will produce. If the race is less than 10% margin, then the stakes will be too high to be deemed realistic.

The calculated profit margin (CPM) for today’s race was only 0.54 – nowhere near the 10% required in order to bet.

How do you calculate the profit margin? The equation is fairly simple:

CPM = 100 – (100 / Horse 1 Odds) – (100 / Horse 2 Odds) – (100 / Horse 3 Odds)

How important is the CPM?  Well, if we had decided to bet on today’s race with the stated aim of making £10 profit, then our stakes would have totalled £1848!!

At 10% calculated profit margin, you would be betting £100 in order to win £10.

Results for Tuesday 12th January

15:20 Southwell
Ming Master (13/8), Dream Win (3/1), Albertus Pictor (7/4) – CPM:0.54 – No Bet

Starting Bank: £2000
Today’s P/L: £0
Current Bank: £2000