This month I will be looking at a dutching system (and associated tipping service) – Dutching Diamond.

The Dutching Diamond system arrives as a 16 page eBook, of which 3 pages are used to detail the selection method and 10 pages are dedicated to the official results for the past year. Details on how to work out the stakes required for the dutching bets is also covered in some detail. Recovery staking is covered in the manual along with the pros and cons of the outlined options.

The system appears complex at a first glance, but is actually fairly simple to follow. The checks involved should take no more than 10-15 minutes every day. Be aware that the system does rely on the paper version of The Racing Post (as not all information required is provided on the Racing Post web site).

There is an associated tipping service that does all the work for you and a quick call to the premium telephone number yields a short message detailing the day’s selections. The number used is an 0844 number so calls cost only 5p per minute. The message is very short, so costs are kept to a minimum. Three months access to the tipping line is included in the price of the system.

So, for the next month, I will be following the system with the stated aim of making a £10 profit from each winning race. For loss recovery, and in the interest of keeping my stakes under relative control, I will be looking to win back my stakes on the following race.

Results for Monday 11th January

No selections today!