Further to my review of this trading package posted on the 24th February, I thought I’d add a couple of points.

I’m not going to change any of the review points. It’s staying Approved as it’s a perfectly good product. One point I do think I could have made was that this isn’t really designed for the complete novice trader. They do make that point on their sales page but it’s something I could well have covered.

You certainly don’t need to be an expert but an understanding of what trading on Betfair means and how to “Green Up” a trade etc would be extremely useful.

Most of these methods do involve you in making your own decisions on how you think the game is progressing, hence the need to be either watching the games live or by following a good in-play stats site.

As I said in my initial review, this is from the same stable as Total Football Trading and is almost like a step further along the road from that excellent product. TFT is a great starting point for any new to intermediate trader, whereas this package will be far more beneficial to someone with a bit of experience as this is a more involved and more aggressive style of trading.  You could pick it up from scratch but it’d take longer.

That’s all I wanted to add. It stays Approved. The advice I gave stays true: read everything thoroughly, paper trade or tiny stakes at first, practice til you are confident & don’t get frustrated and bin it at the first set back.