This is a one-off review of the Dynamic Football Trading service.

What we have is a pretty comprehensive package of methods for trading football matches in-play. There are no pre-game trades involved, all the strategies are for use during the match and a few require (or at least strongly recommend) you to be watching the game.

When you join you gain access to the members area and have a total of six downloadable ebooks. This product is from the same stable as Total Football Trading, which is one of the best products I’ve reviewed for Cash-Master over the last six years. You can read my review of TFT here.

The first book is the User Manual. It’s actually a very good read and lays out the basic selection methods and filters used by most of the strategies you’ll be using. It also contains plenty of examples and screen shots, all of which use plausible odds for the scenarios they describe. There are pointers given for what to look out for during a game that will lead you to either enter a new trade or potentially bail out of an existing one that’s threatening to turn against you. I strongly advise you to actually read this one, if you decide to join, and not just skim it as most of us do with any type of instruction manual, it is referred back to in the other more interesting manuals so just get it read and save yourself having to go back and forth.

The next five books are the individual trading methods themselves. All are extremely clearly written and easy to follow and understand. They do all make sense as reasonable, achievable methods. There are plenty of examples and screenshots of how and when to enter trades. If I have one criticism of them, it would be that I’d like to see more screenshots of trades that go wrong. That’s not to say these are not covered, they are, and you are given written instructions on how to set your exit point and what you could do to minimise your loss. I’d just like to see a few more screenshots of the losses as a visual aid. A minor quibble but a fair one.

The descriptions given of each method on the sales page are fair and truthful, the green screens showing profit are attainable using a basic stake of £100. That is NOT to say that you’ll have liabilities of that full amount. Most of the strategies and the vast majority of the trades you will open are at prices below (often well below) Evens so you can say that the most you will have at risk is £100. Obviously, you won’t start off using stakes anywhere near that level when you start experimenting and learning how to use these methods, I just wanted to make sure you get the full picture of what is shown on the sales page as these can often be very deceptive.

The last book is the bonus “Armageddon Method”. I think this one is a potential goldmine if you get the match selection right. It’s well thought out and the filters are sensible. As stated on the sales page, it is more of a bet than a trade as you would only trade out in the least likely of three possible scenarios. In truth, I think this is better than a couple of the official methods.

As with all trading products, there’s a certain amount of similarity to other methods/products. There’s only a limited number of markets with decent liquidity so most services are going to tread on each others toes to some extent. Indeed, some of the selection methods and filters used here are quite similar to the way I profile matches. But that’s not to say that even the smallest wrinkle or filter can’t make huge differences to your bottom line.  All I can say is that I have not come across theses methods using these selection filters and stop loss/trade out rules before.

The price of this package is at the high end of the scale and there is an ongoing subscription scheme available. The basic cost of getting the ebooks and access to the members area for a month is £97 (+VAT for EU based customers), so that works out at around £23 a book, if you consider the last method a free bonus. The cost of monthly membership after your initial month is £32.40.

Whilst it is on the higher end of the scale, I do feel that the books are worth £23 each and you would be able to recoup that outlay in a reasonable amount of time using a sensible stake. With the members area access, the main attraction of this is that Steve (the author) provides you with his ratings (as described in the user manual) for the forthcoming week’s fixtures in the major leagues. I’m not so sure that I’d want or need to subscribe long term. You get one month’s membership as part of your initial joining fee and that, in my opinion anyway, should be sufficient for you to get to grips with the methods enough to be confident in choosing your own games after being able to compare them to Steve’s for a month.

So my honest opinion is that the methods are sound and would provide the profits stated on the sales page after you’ve got to grips with them. The price is higher than I’d ideally like but I do think it’s reasonable value for money if you break it down as five books at £23 each plus a very good free bonus book.

Speaking for myself, I don’t think I would keep up monthly membership for very long. If you read the books properly, experiment on paper or with tiny stakes and compare how you would have done to how Steve’s picks perform for the first month, you should be able to stand on your own two feet with this quite happily.

This one goes in the APPROVED section for me. As always: keep stakes low at first or paper trade, don’t get frustrated and chuck it in at the first little set back and I’d say you’ll be more than happy with this.

One further note just from my own experience as a trader. A couple of different websites are mentioned in these books to use for your in-play stats collecting. They mention sites like Bet365 and Flashscore as good resources. Those are indeed good sites but my own preference is for William Hill’s in-play panel. It’s very fast moving, the commentary (both written & audio) is excellent and up to date and you don’t even need to have an account or log-in to see it all. They cover lots of leagues too. Just a little heads-up for you as an additional place to look for info.Approved2

You can download Dynamic Football Trading here: