Each Way Leader is a tipping service from the BettingGods stable that cost £30 per month with discounts for longer subscriptions.

The way these tipping services operate are very similar: you receive an email, in this case between 6pm and 8pm the evening before, and you place the bet and you are done.

A 150-point bank is recommended, and that is split 1 point on the win-side and 1 point on the place-side for a total stake of 2 points. Realistically, therefore you have a 75 point bank.

The difficulty with services such as this is getting the prices quoted in the email, so, as per usual, I also recorded results to BSP. Further, as folks can’t always get BOG and other bookie promotional prices, I just used the bookie prices stated in the email.

We use a standard £10 per point, here this will be £10 on each leg for a total stake of £20, which means that the starting bank is £1,500. I kept an eye on cumulative profits also.

I was excited when starting the trial as the website boasts an average profit of £282 per month. The result was somewhat less exiting with a profit of £218 (at £10 per point) for the whole trial, from which subscriptions need to be deducted. BSP was even more disappointing with at loss of £99, again subscriptions need to be deducted from this figure; therefore, this is a bookie only service.

To be fair, the website does show this disappointment, and one can clearly see that the service was on fire through the winter, and the worst performance for some months just happened to coincide with this trial. Testers curse perhaps?

It’s a simple service to operate, although bookie based, but little profit at the end of the trial once subscriptions deducted and you will be very fortunate to consistently get the prices quoted. Whilst I feel I have to go neutral based on these results, if you are looking for something that could be a decent service you might want to look at the results from late last year and give this service a go.

You can get Each Way Leader HERE