Looking at the Winning Information Network Proofing Site: the service overall is in profit +309.9 pts since proofing began on October 31st 2011. However during  the  90 days of this trial, this service has gained only 10.1 pts.  (5.1% of its starting bank of 200 pts) with two out of three winning  months.  At the start of the trial, a  90 day purchase of the system cost £90. Betting £10 a point, you would have made about £101, a profit of only £11.

The Winning Information Network Proofing Site shows a gain of 42.6 pts over the same period as my trial. Emails with the daily selections arrived at many different times during the morning  and I was rarely able to get the betfair betting odds that the service providers obtained.  Since June 1st emails have arrived as early as 9. 52 am and as late as 12.22 pm.

On the plus side, little effort is involved as there is only 1 or usually 2 selections a day.

Because this service showed little profit, but no loss, I’ve given it a Neutral Rating. If one could get the odds the providers get, the service would deserve serious attention and warrant an approved rating.

Here are the  90 days’ results and comments below:

Number of days of review 90

Number of betting days 83

Return on third 30 day period + 28.3 pts

Return on second  30 day period   +21.1  pts

Return on first 30 day period   – 39.3  pts

Number  of winning 30 day periods  2/3

Number of losing 30 day periods 1/3

Starting bank         200 pts

Highest bank        220.6 pts

Lowest bank         144.0 pts

Current bank          210.1 pts

Running P/L        10.1  pts

Return on bank   +5.1 %

Total time investment for 90 days = 415 mins

Average return on time for 90 days  = 0.024 pts/min

(Time calculations assume an average time of 5 mins to place and record bets for each betting day).

A profitable third 30 day period and over the three month trial period Each Way Profits is in profit by 10.1 pts. Neutral Rating.

You can try Each Way Profits here: