As you probably know, the King of Bookie Bashing via clever mathematical strategies is Mike Cruickshank of Bonus Bagging fame.

His career has seen him develop multiple products all of which have proven to work well because, rather than gambling, they either exploit loopholes in bookie offers or take advantage of lazy pricing by bookmakers.

Everyone makes money with Mike’s products and we’ve been running possibly the longest review ever on his Mastermind product which is essentially a portfolio of all of them lumped together. Our reviewer, Julian, started with a £500 bank and it’s now at well over £8000.

If there is one drawback with Mike’s strategies it is that they tend to require a bit of effort. They certainly make good money so long as you’re prepared to put the ‘work’ in and, if you’re a really busy person like me (*who am I kidding?) then you may not have the time to put into it.

Well now there’s a solution! How about a fully automated bot that does it all for you?


Each Way Sniper – Auto

This superb bit of software completely automates the Each Way Sniper system which is one of Mike Cruickshank’s stable bookie bashing strategies. Simply enter your bookie login details (these are stored on your computer, never shared), switch it on and leave it running.

It identifies the bets using the online Each Way Sniper software, then places them for you on your own bookie account so you can leave it running and go off to work, or to the golf course… whatever you like.

It works a treat!

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