The 13-week trial of Each Way Tips as come to an end. As the name suggests this service provides each-way bet selections and costs £14.95 per month or £180 per year, although as I write this there’s a special offer running.

Simple enough to operate, you get an email with 2 to 3 selections in it and you place the bets. You can use bookmakers or an exchange. There are no selections on Sundays or Mondays.

As every bet will be each-way we are going to need a high strike rate. The website boasts 43%, I got nowhere near this; just 35 “wins” (where the bet made a profit) in 139 bets is 25%, this would be poor for a win only service, for each way, where the returns are lower, it is very poor. However, the service was tootling along with some profit but the final 2 weeks (2 wins in 22 bets) turned that profit in to a loss. I ended 16.4 points down, a loss of £164 to our standard £10 per point. Betfair faired better, even after 2% commission deducted and returned a profit of 9.51 points, or £95.

The losses are well within the ability of a few wins to turn things around, so I’ll categorise this as neutral.

You can get Each Way Tips here