Hi, I’m Nick, a Fulham supporter exiled in the West Country, and I’ve been testing a horse backing service called Earlyodds.

Earlyodds is run by a guy called Max from Montenegro, who uses his programming skills to analyse horse racing data. Max started Earlyodds in November 2015 and since then it has made 733 points. Max claims that most of the work is done by ‘sophisticated computer algorithms’ (I’m easily impressed!).

Earlyodds caught my eye because around 90% of the bets are available the night before, hence the title. I teach so I can’t easily place bets in the morning. The service provides around five tips a day at 1 point stakes. I was very interested to see how Earlyodds performs over the three months of this test.

Results: Selections: 500; Wins: 110 Points: 28.83; At £10 per point: £288.30

As you can see, we have ended with a profit of £288.30 at £10 flat stakes, with an ROI of 5.7%. However, the subscription of £98 every 90 days would of course have reduced this profit considerably. It has been quite a rollercoaster ride and it has felt like hard work at times. The service was up over 60 points over the first six weeks, but since then it has been performing poorly, losing over half that total. The service has gained 830 points since it started in November 2015, but this last four months appears to be the worst period, and it has been treading water since March.

500 bets were placed over the 16 week trial, with 110 wins (22%). This is quite low, and it did feel at times that wins were few and far between. There were ten losing runs of ten or more, with one recent run of 23. Most bets arrived before 10.00pm the previous evening, although a few were added the following day. There are usually 2-6 bets a day, but this can rise to 12. To be honest, I found placing this amount of bets a bit of a chore at times if I was feeling tired, and on a couple of occasions I must admit I left it till the morning. This is not a good idea as the longer odds horses did shorten considerably, and I was badly caught out once. I found that the shorter odd horses did not change much, but if you subscribe to this service it is important that you place your bets as soon as possible after you receive them.

I find it hard to come to a firm conclusion about Early Odds. On the plus side, it has done very well since it started in November 2015, and even now the results aren’t terrible. Going on past performance, there is a good chance that Early Odds will continue its previous success after this relatively poor period. The service is very reliable and selections always arrive on time. I really like the fact that most selections are posted the night before, although it is necessary to keep an eye out for further selections the next day. On the minus side, there are some long losing runs and it can be a pain placing up to 12 bets at night. Furthermore, my patience would be tested if recent poor results continued for 2-3 more weeks. Personally, I will keep an eye on it and see where it is in 2-3 months time.

So, to sum up, I’d recommend Early Odds as long as you consider the following factors:

  1. You will need to have patience and take the long view
  2. You can tolerate some long losing runs.
  3. You don’t mind placing up to 12 bets in the evening
  4. You can place bets during the day

You can try Early Odds here: