As most of you know I have been testing the Earlybird FTSE100 system (not the Foolproof Forex System!) for the last three weeks and have made a significant profit. Since I am now using this system myself everyday I thought it would be appropriate to post my results for a month so that those of you that have also purchased this system can verify their results.

If you didn’t receive my review of this system then e-mail me at [email protected] and put Earlybird in the subject line and I’ll forward it to you, or you can find out about the system by clicking on the Earlybird link in the left column.

Ok, so from today I’ll start with a £2000 betting bank and stake 1.5% per pip. I’m going for a limit of 10 and a stop of 15 although obviously more money can be made (or saved) if trading live. I note that from today IG Index have introduced an automated trailing stop loss which basically means if you didn’t want to set a limit then it could be possible to just let a trade ride out with the stop loss following it 15 pips behind. The profit potential there could be staggering and something I shall be having a play with. For the purposes of this blog though I will stick with a 10 pip limit and log the results accordingly.

I found two trades today, the first was straightforward and was done and dusted in twenty minutes. The second opened at around 10.50 this morning and didn’t close until 1.15.
Monday 7th

Buy (£30.00) +£300
Buy (£34.50) +£345

Days Profit: £645

Bank £2645

Total Profit: £645