I have been looking at Easy Football Profits, a set of four systems plus a bonus costing just shy of £90. There is a small ongoing monthly cost if you wish the selections to be found for you, but you get the information to find these yourself.

There a couple of pre-match systems, which are set and forget, and a couple in-running systems that require you be around at the various half-times.

The two pre-match are systems A & C which ended with 80 bets for 15.45 points profit (£154.50 at the Cash Master standard £10 per point) and 74 bets for a profit of 18.6 points (£186.00 at £10 per point) respectively. So, without tying yourself to a computer a total of 34.05 points (£340.50) easily covering the system cost and monthly fees.

The two in-running systems are systems B and D with 9 bets for a profit of 5.1 points and 40 bets for 6.92 points. On the face of it the additional 12.02 points (£120.20) may not be worth the effort but this system has been trialled during the summer months with very much fewer matches.

I’d forget the bonus system though, 173 bets for a loss of 38 points (-£380); with average LAY odds of 21 I’d be uncomfortable even if this was in profit by 30 points!

Happy to approve this based on the pre-match alone. The extra profit is nice if you are available to make the half-time bets. I am hoping that now European leagues are kicking off this system will fly, and I intend to check the results in a couple of months’ time to see how this is going.

You can try Easy Football Profits HERE