I’ve been given access to this horse lay service and will be reporting back on progress during the trial.

Called Easy by the vendor, and it really is. So much so that you could call it a passive income. You sign into the software via your Betfair account in the cloud (developed by the master of gambling software, Nigel Dove)… and that’s it. If all goes according to plan (and follows past trends), just siphon off some winnings from time to time.

Easy Horse Race Lays targets all UK racing and applies specially developed ratings along with other filters to derive the daily selections. In order to make sure the latest possible information is used in the process the final choices are made late on the morning of racing and then loaded to the Betfair approved betting bot directly. No need for emails or logging in to the website – your daily bets are placed just before the off. All you need to do is to ensure your Betfair account is funded to cover the betting and even here it is simple as there will only ever be one selection live.

Odds for the selections range from 3.00 up to 9.99. Thus far the system has seen a longest losing run of 3 and the most successful sequence is 24. Full results are detailed on the website and these are updated regularly. The system is successful with either flat rate or liability staking. And because the selections tend to be at the top of the market, liquidity is not usually a problem, the bets being placed by the bot when activity is at its peak.

Between January 2016 and March 2019 an average profit of 8.82 points per month has been achieved with a strike rate of 84.27%.

A betting bank of 100 points is recommended with level staking at 1 point per selection.

The cost of this service is £39.95 per month – and they offer a 14 day free trial to allow you to see how it all works.

Check Out Easy Horse Race Lays Here