Almost two years ago I told you about a new British cryptocurrency called Electroneum. Like all ICO’s this was a highly speculative punt but when it launched on the exchange, from memory it was an Australian exchange called Cryptopia, it had massively increased in value so I sold the majority of my holdings and I know many of you did too.

I did, however, keep a bit just in case anything came of it and over the last couple of years, despite a massive hack and it’s value falling through the floor, they’ve been beavering away at the project.

I’ve been keeping a very passive interest in the project, not bothering with the mobile mining or any of that, but the last update from the team certainly seems encouraging.

Perhaps there is life in this old dog yet!

Here’s the update:

Hi Everyone!

As you probably know we’ve run a small scale trial in South Africa with direct ETN to airtime top ups. We’ve also been in discussions with a growing number of Mobile Network Operators for some time.

We are pleased to announce that we’ve just made direct ETN to airtime top ups available in Brazil. You can now top up your mobile airtime direct via ETN with the second largest operator in Brazil – Claro. All from the Electroneum app.

Claro has over 60m existing subscribers and is the first of a number of Brazilian networks we intend to get online over the coming months.

Nearly 140 million Brazilians are accessing the internet with their mobile phones and this expansion into Brazil has the potential to spur a surge of adoption and usage of ETN across a nation that ranks fifth worldwide in cryptocurrency usage.

Here’s a quick video I’ve made with more information for those who are interested…

We launched at lunchtime GMT on the 6th August and the response has been overwhelming… literally – with over 2000 top up requests within a few minutes.

Keep an eye out over the next few weeks as announce more ETN to airtime top ups around the world.

Have a great day everyone!

Richard Ells