We tested and approved this service last August 2014 so I think it’ll be useful to update you on how it’s performed over the last 12 months.

To remind you, the service uses computer ratings and the selections (usually 3-8) are emailed out the evening before (10pm-12am) and are based on a 1-4 point range. Selections over 8/1 are recommended as each way selections at the time they are emailed. There are no selections for Sundays racing.

The service advises to use a betting bank of 150pts.

We found that the service averaged about 50 points profit a month and the last twelve months has shown this to be consistent:

Sep 55.98
Oct 23.36
Nov 79.88
Dec 85.55
Jan 5.03
Feb -18.28
Mar 27.67
Apr 100.74
May 12.89
Jun 43.46
Jul 96.48
Aug 93.1 so far

Total 605.86

That’s £15,146 profit to £25 stakes!Approved2

You can try Elite Rating System here: