Hi there,

Before I go through todays selections I have noted 2 mistakes I have made with the figures. These were on the 16th May when I put down a 3.5 pt loss (it should’ve been a 0.5pt profit) & on the 17th May when I put down a 11.5 pt profit (it should’ve been a 13 pt profit). This alteration (+5.5 adj) prior to todays results would’ve mean the bank stood at £1751.70.

From now on I have made a decision to send out the results weekly when I get the weekly email from Stuart, I can easily check his against mine before updating here & also avoid me having to go back over my previous posts/figures. The weekly email goes out on a Thursday so after this post the next update will be around this time next week.

Today there were 6 original selections but 2 were non runners leaving 4 selections for a total of 7pts invested. Unfortunately all 4 loss so a total loss of 7pts. The bank now stands at £1681.70.