Hi there,

7 selections yesterday, 3 winners at 10/3, 3/1 & 3/1 ( advised BOG ), the points profit total for the day was 10.67. These winners returned at BFSP of 3.36 (sp 2/1), 3.65 (sp 5/2) & 3.97 (5/2). The best option so far is definetly to go with the BOG, even at the time the selections are given out the Betfair price seems to be lower.

The revised bank is now at £1696.70, this excludes any rule 4 deductions that may have been applied.

I’ve just received the weekly stats email from Stuart & since the beginning of the year the bank stands at a figure of 214.97, last weeks profit was 25.17 pts & this is a good recovery from the 37.30 pts loss the previous week when it appears that many bailed out from the service. Think they may be kicking themselves this week!

Anyway hoping to send out another update this evening or tomorrow morning, there are 6 in total, the last race being the 8.20 at Salisbury so maybe more likely I will update again in the morning.

Have a good day!