This report covers the week 8th July to 14th July inclusive.

So to the detail of each day:

8th July 5 losers and 2 winners for a net gain of £23.71

Bank £400.05 -back to break even

9th July 4 losers and 2 winners for a gain of £19.05

Bank £419.10 a gain of 4.78% on our starting bank of £400 on 24th June

10th July A nice quick profitable day with a loss and a win in the 1st race of the day for a gain of £9.78

Bank £428.88 a gain now of 7.2%

11th July A slightly longer day but again a nice return for our efforts after 4 losers and 2 winners for £20.68

Bank now up to £449.56 a nice 12.4% return on our starting point.

12th July A longer day but again profitable after 11 losers and 3 winners for a gain of £10.18

Bank £459.74 a healthy gain of 15%

13th July A long and frustrating day as we almost bagged a big return in the 1st race of the day but plowed on until one of the Stop Loss variants  kicked in after  17 losers and 1 winner for a net loss on the day of£70.72

Bank now down under our start point at £389.02 a loss of 2.75%

14th July A strange start to the days racing as the races at Southwell were put back 30 minutes.This highlights the need to use Racing Post Commentary at least 5 minutes before the 1st race is due to check the scheduled races are on time or not.In the event we went through 17 losers again and 1 winner with the Stop Loss kicking in to end a poor weekend down £59.86 on the day.

Closing Bank £329.16 a drop of 17.7% .

So our third week of testing is completed and we are back in negative territory, after making good progress through the week ,at the moment it does feel like a  case of one step forward and two back;most especially as we were only a few inches away from a really nice win on Saturday

However as we know betting can be a trying game and if it was easy everyone would be at it as the saying goes. We still have another week to go before the end of our first month and a further 2 months to test the system thereafter.