This report covers the period 22nd July-28th July inclusive.

The major thing to report is that on the evening of 23rd July new rules & some amendments to the version 2.0 were issued by the author.

So in effect we are now  testing the 3rd publication of the system.I can’t help thinking it would have been better to test these various versions before bringing the system to the market place but we are where we are so on with the report:

Version 2.0

22 July A quick day and after 3 races we have with 5 Losers and 1 Winner for a gain of £7.48 on the day

Bank £204.58 down 48.9% on our starting bank of £400 on 24th June

23rd July A longer day in which we reached one of the Stop Loss variations after 2 & a half hours having 12 Losers and 3 Winners for a loss of £5.57

Bank down to £199.01 a loss of 50.25% and the end of testing on this version.


We will continue with our existing balance – realistically if anyone has purchased the version 2.0 I doubt they would top up the bank to our starting point of £400 but seek to claw back some of the losses before committing more money.

24th July A quick day and after 3 races which produce 5 Losers and 1 winner a gain of £16.67 is achieved.

Bank now moves up to £215.68 a loss of 46%

25th July is a No Bet day under the new rules-under the previous rules of version 2.0 this would have been a losing day.

26th July 15 Losers and 1 Winner and we stop as a Stop Loss kicks in for a loss on the day of £68.95

Bank  is down to a new low of £146.73 a loss of 63%

27th July Another long day and again a Stop Loss kicks in after 15 Losers and 3 Winners for a loss on the day of £39.72

Bank now down to £107.01 a loss of 73% of the bank.

28th July A respite today as after 3 Losers and a winner we are up £18.99 on the day

Closing bank is  at £126 a loss on the week of 36% and some 68.5% of our starting bank of £400 5 weeks ago.

A couple of the new rules are sensible but the author although responding promptly to any enquiry still doe’n’t seem to address my main concern that if Version 1 was so profitable why issue a version 2 that clearly was not profitable and then adjust the second version rather than revert to the first issue.

Her stated aim is to run the system on a bot to alleviate the need to be present through the afternoons races in front of a computer.Not having seen version 1 I can only assume that despite its reported profitability it was not compatible with the aim of automation.However automation at the expense of profit is in itself a rather expensive own goal.

So we will see how week 6 progresses and what the outcome will be.