This is my first progress report and it covers the period 24th June to 30th June.

The system operates in the afternoons from the first race on UK racing only and no form study or indeed any knowledge of the runners/trainers/jockeys draw etc is required.

So  to the results which are based on a £400 bank (a 200 point bank) and the starting bets are 1 point -£2 per selection- max 2 horses per race- winning amounts are net of 5% Betfair commissions:

A win on one of the 2 selections in a race results in only one selection in the next 2 races,if the Profit target is not been hit.

1.0 24th June  L(-£2) W(£2) @9.29 a net £13.75 -Great start a Win in the very first race and the profit target of 3 points exceeded.

1.1 Closing Bank £413.75  gain +3.44%

2.0 25th June 13 Losing bets and 3 Win bets but not enough to hit the Profit target  -One of the Stop Loss variants (Trading for 2 &1/2 hours) kicks in for a loss of £28.98 for the day

2.1 Closing Bank £384.77  loss -3.81%

3.0 26th June  Another great start to the day 2 bets in the first and a Win so done for the day up £14.72

3.1 Closing Bank £399.49 

4.0 27th June 21 Losing bets and 4 Wins but we do not reach the Profit target and the 2&12 hour  Stop Loss variation kicks in for a loss on the day of £43.24

4.1 Closing Bank £356.25 loss of 10.94%

5.0 28th June 16 Losing bets and 2 Wins mean we do not reach the Profit target and another Stop Loss variation applies to finish the day £65.72 down.

5.1 Closing Bank £290.53 loss of 27.37%

6.0 29th June Officially today is a No Bet day due to a rule re non runners at 2 meetings but I feel this really should apply to large changes in going and so I decide to continue and have 3 Losing bets and 1 Win bet and pass the Profit target ,up £7.42 for the day after 2 races.

6.1 Closing Bank £ 297.95 loss of 25.51%

7.0 30th June 4 Losing bets and 2 Wins on first 3 races of the day and romp past the profit target winning £30.06

7.1 Closing Bank £ 328.01 loss of 18%

During the period covered I had to resort to querying the author a couple of times via the support email address in the book and am pleased to report that I received extremely prompt responses on both occasions.

The author also sent me details of the changes in the system upgrade from version 1.0 to 2.0,together with an addendum written by another tester to clarify some of the “clunky” English phrasings and interpretations of the rules.

The author also stated that the month of June is the first losing month since she started in January 2013,and this seems to be borne out with some impressive gains published on the web page for March & April 13.

So we continue forward and let us see what fortunes or brickbats the upcoming week brings.