Hi, I  am a senior citizen but consider myself to be reasonably familiar with technology and have a keen interest in horse racing which I have followed for the last 15 years. This will be my first test  for the site and I have selected a horse race system to trial over the next 3 months.

Everyday Profit  is a mechanical selection -back to win-system and the 2.0 implies that an earlier version has been released.

For £59 a 22 page PDF document is received which at first glance is based upon a reasonable logic together with a staking plan. However it becomes rapidly apparent that the author is not English and the clarity of language employed  suffers and, despite the many examples listed in the document, the system will take a while to get to grips with. It is strongly recommended that the key steps  in the system are noted down on a quick reference sheet as this will enable the user to get to grips with pinpointing and backing the selections.

A Betfair account is fundamental to operating the system and the user must be able to spare 1 to 2 hours  from the start of the racing day in front of a  computer. The aim is to achieve a 3 point gain for the day and a stop loss of 6 points comes into play should the day’s selections not work out. Up to 2 horses will be selected for a race and the initial stakes are 0.5% of the bank per horse. Given that the minimum stake on Betfair is £2 (that’s without fiddling around) then a minimum betting bank of £400 will be required.

I will post every Sunday the weeks results and the outcome of any contacts with the system author.