This week’s report covers the period 5th August to 11th August inclusive.The period covers the  second full week testing the latest version of the system- version 2.1 ,which superseded versions 1 and 2.0.

Version 2.0 had a very poor period from the start of the testing on 24th June through to 23rd July resulting in the initial bank of £400 being reduced by some  50%.We have carried on with testing and at the start of version 2.1 our bank was standing at £199.01 on 23rd July but is down to £109.46 at the end of last week’s testing on 4th August.

The latest version of the system still employs the backing of 2 horses per race initially and has among its additional rules( one of which -No betting in races when the Fav. is Odds On is very sensible) a new No Bet day rule that dictated there would be no betting on a day when 3 or more races in the first seven of the afternoon contain 5 or less runners.This rule had a disastrous bearing on the week’s results as we shall see.

So to the weeks results:

5th August -A quick and positive start to the week with winners in the first 2 races of the day, so 2 Losers and 2 winners and a healthy gain of £17.86 was achieved.

Bank moves up to £ 127.32

6th August -Another quick fire day in the first race we had a Loser and a Winner for a gain of £5.72.This is just below the 3 points that the author specifies as the daily target(which would be £6 after the first race but after the losses suffered to date  a gain of 90% of the target is near enough.

Bank goes up to £133.04

7th August -Our third quickfire day of the week with a winner in the second race of the day so 3 Losers and 1 winner produced a gain of £8.16

Bank again moves upward to £141.20

8th August -Just as things are progressing nicely we experience a  losing day.After 10 races we have 13 Losers and 3 winners but one of the Stop Loss rules kicks in and the day closes with a loss of £49.10-virtually 30% of our remaining bank gone.

Bank now reaches a new low of £92.10 a further loss of 53% of the bank since the application of the new rules.

9th August -A bad day as it was officially a No Bet day due to the rule highlighted above concerning 3 races with 5 or less runners in the first seven races of the day.The day was made worse  because if we had ignored this rule we would have had a 17.60 winner in the 4th race of the day for a whopping £60.85 gain.

Bank stays at £92.10

10th August -Some relief today back to a quick end to the betting day a winner in the second race of the day and so after 3 Losers and 1 winner we gain £6.54

Bank now nudges upward to £98.64.

11th August- Another losing day after 9 races in which we bet we have ended up with 15 Losers and 1 winner for a loss of £61.02

Bank has dropped to  a new low of £37.62.

Once again the week highlighted the problems with the system ,in so much as any winning runs are wiped out and then some by a long losing day.There does not appear to be any consistency in the performance of the system in either version 2.0 or this latest  version -2.1.The steady decline in the betting bank continues apace and I am not at all sure there will be a turn around in the betting bank in the coming week ahead before a bust happens.

I am not at all sure that  changing the rules of the system after releasing it to the general public without a decent period of testing of the potential changes is really the wisest course to take.