The trial reaches the halfway point this week and covers the period  from 29th July to the 4th August inclusive.

This is our first full week of testing the latest version 2.1 of the system(the initial version 1 and version 2.0 being superseded by this latest offering on 23rd July).

So without further ado let’s look at how the week unfolded:

29th July A long session in which we had 14 losers and 3 winners but ended the day by hitting one of the Stop Losses down £12.11

Bank drops to £113.89 now 71.5% down from our starting point on 24th June of £400

30th July A short and very profitable session after 5 losers and 1 winner we end up £53.11

Bank climbs to £167

31st July A winner in the first race of the day so 1 loser and 1 winner for a respectable £15.65

Bank again going in the right direction now at £182.65

1st August Another of those long sessions that went on until the two& a half hour Stop Loss variation kicked in.There were 16 losers and 2 winners but the day ends down by£34.99 undoing much of the last 2 days upward progress.

Bank drops down to £147.66

2nd August  Seven losers today and 2 winners in just over an hour for a gain of £8.80

Bank nudges back up to £156.46

3rd August A very bad day with 12 straight losers and the Stop Loss comes in and we are down  on the day for a loss of £54

Bank reaches a new low of £102.46 a loss on our starting out point of some 74.4 %

4th August A better session after 8 losers and 3 winners we get  a gain of £7.00

Bank At the close of the week the bank stands at £109.46 that’s a loss on the week of 13.13%

Another confidence sapping week and as always ,since the start of the trial period, forward steps are rapidly snuffed out by  reversals.At the halfway point in this trial any sense of moving forward and turning a corner into a sustained run of profitable days is completely absent.

So we will move onto week 7 and see what comes to pass.