The report this week covers the period 19th August to 24th August inclusive.

The main feature of the week was that once more the bank dipped  down into the red ,but did in fact recover to end the week once more in the black.

Unfortunately although we finished back in the black it was again a losing week and that means we have had in 9 weeks of testing just 1 winning week so far but worse than that have been technically bankrupt on 3 occasions.

So this is how the week went:

19th Aug. After 3 races we have 5 Losers but a good winner and end the day up £7.40

Bank The bank opened the week at £65.85 and now moves on up to £73.25

20th Aug. The start of the  York festival meeting and after 2 races there are 3 losers but again a nice win and so the profit target of 3 points is passed and we have a gain of £6.54

Bank Moves on again upward to £79.79

21st Aug.The seventh straight winning day after the 1st at York we have 1 loser but a good priced win see a gain of £13.64 for the day

Bank Again the bank moves upward and reached £93.43

22nd Aug. Just when you think maybe this latest version will be the key to profitability we have a long day reach one of the Stop Losses after 13 races,resulting in12 losers and 3 winners we end the day on a loss of £52.56

Bank Once more the bank starts it’s downward trend and reduces to £ 40.87

23rd Aug. Another miserable day as we again hit a Stop Loss when we have 17 losers and just 1 win for another losing day of £65.62

Bank The bank again descends down past zero to reach -£24.75

24th Aug. A quick day today 2 races and only 1 loss and 2 wins for a respectable gain on the day of £16.05

Bank Still in negative territory at – £8.70

25th Aug We have 4 races and 5 losers but 2 winners and the last of them passes the daily target for a good gain of £22.44

Bank The end of the 9th week and the bank climbs back into the black and finishes at £13.74.

So the week results in a loss of some 80% from its starting position on 19th August and that also in turn represents a loss on our original bank of 96.5% .It was also the second week in a row that we have gone bust .

Unless there is a sustainable run of positive results it is beginning to look more certain that version 2.1 is going to be no more successful than version 2.0 was.Both versions have exhibited  roller coaster rides up and down ,but the downs unfortunately always outweigh any gains that are made.

I believe ,without revealing the actual methods employed, that there are inherent flaws in the system and that it cannot succeed.However as we set out to trial the system for 12 weeks we will continue the trial onto the end of its stated period and then draw a final conclusion.



nless there is a sharp and continuous upward trend it would appear that version 2.1 is no more successful than version 2.0