Everyday Profit is a mechanical “back to win” selection system and the 2.1 implies that earlier versions have been released.

For £59 a 22 page PDF document is received which at first glance is based upon a reasonable logic together with a staking plan. However it becomes rapidly apparent that the author is not English and the clarity of language employed suffers and, despite the many examples listed in the document, the system will take a while to get to grips with. It is strongly recommended that the key steps in the system are noted down on a quick reference sheet as this will enable the user to get to grips with pinpointing and backing the selections.

A Betfair account is fundamental to operating the system and the user must be able to spare 1 to 2 hours from the start of the racing day in front of a computer. The aim is to achieve a 3 point gain for the day and a stop loss of 6 points comes into play should the day’s selections not work out. Up to 2 horses will be selected for a race and the initial stakes are 0.5% of the bank per horse. Given that the minimum stake on Betfair is £2 (that’s without fiddling around) then a minimum betting bank of £400 will be required.

I tested this system for ten weeks and here are the final weeks results:

Week 10 covers the period 26th August up to and including 1st September.

Highlight of the week is that we managed a profitable week for only the second time but once again during the 30th August we did go broke before recovering as we have done in the previous 2 weeks.

So without further ado let’s see how the week unfolded:

26th Aug. We had bets in 7 races and just as it looked all doom and gloom a 9/1 winner turned things around.So after 7 losers and 3 winners a gain of £45.80.

Bank:Starting the week at a lowly £13.74 a jump up to £59.54.

27th Aug: The roller coaster ride resumes as we bet in 10 races and get 3 winners (albeit at lowish prices) and have 11 losers to end up with a loss on the day of £38.72.

Bank : The loss sends the bank down to £20.82.

28th Aug: A quickfire day we win in the 1st of the day so after just 1 loser and 1 winner we pass the daily target of 3 points and end up £6.27 .

Bank: Moves up to £27.09.

29th Aug: Due to a No bet rule introduced in the latest version today was a No Bet day as at least 3 of the first 7 races had 5 or less runners.

Bank: Remains unchanged at £27.09

30th Aug: We have bets in 6 races and after 8 losers we also have 2 winners but the stakes on our last 2 bets of the day in the 6th race push the bank into minus territory again.So once more courtesy of the magical overdraft facility we win £34.39 to end up with a gain on the day of £15.24.

Bank: Drops to -2.06 to enable us to stake £10 on our last race and ends up at£42.33

31st Aug: A busy Saturday but we bet in the first 2 races of the day and have 3 losses and 1 winner for a gain of £14,98 on the day.

Bank: Now climbs to £57.31

1st Sep: Due to a No bet rule introduced in the latest version today was a No Bet day as at least 3 of the first 7 races had 5 or less runners in fact 5 of the first 7 races had 5 or fewer runners.

So in a theoretical world we managed a gain but as the bank had gone bust on the Thursday 30th it was an illusory gain again. This was the 4th time that the bank went broke during August. I do not believe anyone who had paid for this product and watched their initial 200 point bank reduce down past zero 4 times would still be willing to put even more money in. The roller coaster nature of the system, despite various Stop Losses, 2 versions issued of this sytem since testing started and new No Bet day rules, the gains have been outweighed by the losses

Therefore, after yet another disappointing week, I believe we have taken the trial as far as we reasonably should and firmly believe that this product should be filed under the FAILED category.

You can get the Every Day Profit System here: