This week’s report covers the period form 12 August to and including the 18 August.This is the seventh week of testing the  system and was remarkable for two reasons  during this period:

  • The initial bank of £400that we set out with  back on the 24th June was reduced to zero and beyond-so technically the system is bust.
  • If one ignores the “bust” (Betfair overdraft facility-LOL) then this is the first week the system actually ended the seven day period in profit.

So without further ado to the weeks activities.

12 Aug A bad start to the week as we went 6 races without a result to hit the main Stop Loss after 12 losers and down £54 on the day.

Bank Drops from positive territory (£32.62) down to -16.38 -this represents a loss of 104% from out starting point of the trial.

13 Aug A winning start to the day but not enough to reach the daily target so we continue on for a further 5 races have 8 losers and 2 winners and a profit of £19.63

Bank The profit for the day moves the bank back into positive territory (just) £3.25

14th Aug A long day we have 12 losers and despite 3 winners end up down for a loss of £48.09

Bank Once more the bank dips below zero  to reach a new low of – £44.84

15th Aug A quick day after 2 races we have 3 losers but a winner and a gain of £19.37

Bank The negative bank drops now to -£25.47

16th Aug Another profitable day after 8 races we have had 10 losers but the 3 winners mean we make a profit on the day of £27.96

Bank The win moves the bank creeps into the black at £2.49

17th Aug A rapid end to the day we win in the first race of the day so 1 loss and 1win  and have a profit of £11.93

18th Aug After 6 races we have had 9 losers but 2 winners and a healthy profit for the day of £51.43

Bank The week closes with the bank bounding up to £65.85.

Before Thursday 15th August I was preparing to end the trial as the bank dipped below zero twice in the week but the gains since mean we should go on to establish if this positive week can be repeated.

I am sure that most people after purchasing the system and then losing their betting bank after 6 straight weeks of losses would by now have given up.

However paper trading costs nothing and just maybe the system has been suffering a poor period that all “mechanical” system can experience so we will continue on for at least one more week to see how we fare.