This report covers the period 1 July to 7th July inclusive.

I had again on one occasion,delayed races at Market Rasen today, to refer to the author and once again she was very prompt in her response.

So to the week which went like this:

1 July 3Loss  1 Win a gain of £15.00

Bank £344.01 a loss of 14% on our starting bank on 24 June of £400

2 July A nice quick result in the 1st race 1 Loss 1 Win for a gain of £6.07

Bank £350.08 a loss of 12.48%

 3July A longer -but profitable -day 9 Loss & 3 Wins for a gain of £49.53

Bank £399.61 a loss of 0.15%

4 July Target hit in the 2nd race 3 Loss and 1 Win for a gain of £10.67

Bank £409.89 a gain of 2.47%

5 July A losing day and one of the Stop Loss rules kicks in to close the day 14 Loss 2 Wins for a loss of £65.25

Bank £344.46 a loss of £13.74

6 July After 4 races we hit TP for a gain of £8.02

Bank £352.48 a loss of 11.74%

7 July After 8 races and a little confusion re delayed races and the stakes required we hit TP 10 Loss and 3 Win for a gain of £23.30

Bank £375.78 a loss of 6.06%

So after 2 weeks we are slightly down and yet to achieve the sort of results published for March/April and May.However it is probably unrealistic to expect every month to be profitable and we still have another couple of weeks to go before the end of our 1st month of this 3 month trial.

The author says some of her users are utilising evening races profitably although for some people this would make a fairly long day of screen time but I suppose making money is not meant to be easy.