Here are the stats for Ex-Jockey:

August Profit at £50 level stakes: +£464

September Profit at £50 level stakes: -£291

Total Profit for duration of Test: £173

Well, I’ve given this service a thorough test and I must admit that I’ve had difficulty deciding whether to approve it or not.

The fact is that over time this service does appear to make profit. I’ve looked at their results since April and they do concur pretty much with what I was getting during the months I tested it. As with any backing system or service you are going to have profitable months and losing months and the trick is to have more profitable ones than losing ones. This service is no exception. You will need discipline to continue betting though the rough periods so that you are still betting through the smooth, but I think that if you did, you could make a profit with this service.

However… this is where I have to explain my doubts too. They will always send out four bets a day. I have no idea why they do this and when I asked they said that they get a lot of information in on a daily basis and they choose what they consider to be the four strongest selections. This doesn’t make any sense to me. If it’s a bad days racing, then it’s a bad days racing, and it seems silly to put out four bets just for the sake of having a bet. This never really sat right with me all through the test.

Secondly, and I’ve mentioned this before in my review of the Selector, I have concerns over the way this service does it’s marketing. After my review of the Selector, Lee contacted me as he was disgruntled about some of my comments. He basically told me to review the service and keep my nose out of how he runs his business. Well, that’s fine but I feel the need to mention that if you do decide to get involved then you will also be subjected to marketing e-mails promoting products and services from websites he has set up and sold on to third parties. Products such as the Selector that I tested and failed and Greyhound Tipster which we also failed. Because of this I have decided to put Ex-Jockey in the Neutral section.

You can join Ex-Jockey here: