Hi All

Firstly my apologies for the well overdue report on exchange games. I did start testing the system & had a few personal & technical issues to resolve in December & Jan.

I did have a log of my entries for my initial tests but I think the wife got her hands on them & they somehow disappeared so I’ve had to start again.

Just to recap, Exchange games is a Stephen Brookes system involving the Texas Holdem Exchange Games on Betfair. It involves mainly laying with a combination of backing & greening up (trading for an equal profit regardless of result).  

Anyhow over the last week or so I’ve ran a total of 3 hrs tests with the system & below is a summary of the results.

Hands played = 28

Hands lost = 5

Level stakes = £4

Games won total = £63.70

Games lost total = £64.40

Overall loss = £0.70

As you can see using the actual system itself we suffered a small loss, I did look again at the results & perhaps there might have been a case of ignoring to green up (when you get the opportunity as instructed) & letting the lays run. However I cannot confirm this as I greened up according to the rules & then didn’t record the outcome as it was irrelevant. My gut feeling though is that we would still end up with a loss, mainly in part due to the high odds of the lays which normally range between 6.00 & 10.00.

I don’t recommend this system on the whole, there are not enough hands to play & the lay odds for me are too high in relation to the success percentage. Furthermore you can be waiting for long periods without placing any bets. For example there was one period of time where I waited for 30 mins & then no bets. The next qualifying bet just after that time actually LOST!  

So yet again another Betfair system which may be ok in the short term but fails to stand the test of time. Perhaps one day a decent system will be introduced & a bot to run and test it. 

All the best


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